Eternal Tree • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Eternal Tree • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Eternal Tree • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

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Official Launch (TW, HK Version) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of エターナルツリー (by Komoe Game)

The continent where the gods and the civilizations of this world meet [Titarella]. Many of the heritage of the gods are sleeping in the ruins of the gods, and people rapidly developed civilization by exploring the ruins and studying the excavated relics. People whose livelihood is the excavation of archaeological sites are called seekers.
When you meet the mysterious doll [Artemisia] and get caught up in the time-consuming conflict of Titarella, you embark on an adventure that will influence the whereabouts of the world.
Come on, with your friends! To the journey to spin the gods and this world–!

Orthodox fantasy story
A completely original story depicting a new civilization nurtured in the land abandoned by the gods, woven with over one million characters!
The blank mystery that arises between the gods and this world, the coexistence and conflict between the federation and the empire, the intricate relationship between the five major powers, the existence of mysterious ruins and machine gods, the mysterious creatures that inhabit all parts of the continent … all you Waiting for your search! And your adventure will also change the course of the world …


Kikigami and a girl, resonance that transcends time and space
A mysterious girl who has a bond with the main character and a machine god left behind by the Jindai civilization-the resonance that transcends time and space between the two brought a mysterious power to the world! ??
Based on the gods that appear in legends and myths, many machine gods [Qliphoth] with a stylish appearance and attention to detail have appeared. Summon the god as an imaginary armor [imaginary object] and challenge the strong enemy with the old power left in the gods!


Unique story production
Unlike conventional productions that use standing pictures, dynamic CG is used to create a fantasy world with high-quality graphics and powerful action, giving players an immersive feeling that cannot be experienced with manga or light novels. ..


Meet over 100 girls and go on a fantastic adventure
Friends are indispensable for adventure!
More than 100 unique characters with beautiful appearances have appeared, and every time they meet, expectations and excitement never stop! As you continue your exploration, you will deepen your ties with each character and create new episodes …………! ??

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