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Early access – Test – Android + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Era Of Lorencia – Mu Mobile (by EOL Dev)

  • ALPHA TEST from 10:00AM (GMT +7) February 21–February 23, 2024
  • OFFICIAL RACE TOP OPEN BETA at 10:00AM (GMT +7) on February 24, 2024

Era Of Lorencia, a classic MMORPG mobile role-playing game

The game is an authentic adaptation from the original PC version, with simultaneous upgrades in both experience and gameplay. It ensures MUTIZENs a fresh yet nostalgic feeling, full of new experiences and memories.

The game interface is optimized for mobile, providing MUTIZENs with peak experiences in classic activities such as hunting Golden Bosses, Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle, and more.

Era Of Lorencia - Mu Mobile
Era Of Lorencia - Mu Mobile


• 360-degree rotation – Supports various screen lock modes for a perfect player experience.
• Interface optimized for mobile devices.
• Expansive continent maps allow MUTIZENs to explore familiar landmarks like Lorencia, Noria, Davias, Atlans, Icarus, and more.

Era Of Lorencia - Mu Mobile
Era Of Lorencia - Mu Mobile

Legendary character classes:
• Dark Knight – A warrior with both powerful attack and defense at close range.
• Dark Wizard – A mage capable of effectively controlling enemies, agile in PK.
• Fairy Elf – A long-range archer with immense power, capable of dealing significant damage in a short time.
• Dark Lord – The Lord of Darkness, with immense damage and a leadership role in Castle Siege battles.

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Era Of Lorencia - Mu Mobile
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