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💡 Platform – Android | iOS (TestFlight)

The description of 에오스 블랙 (by BluePotion Games)

A more dangerous MMORPG, EOS BLACK
Inheriting the worldview of [Eos Red], this is a story of adventure and growth of heroes who seek to save a chaotic world from a huge conspiracy.
Extensive scenario quests across 8 territories and 109 regions

The dangerous MMORPG ’s unique “Shame” system
There is no mercy for losers. ‘Execution platform’ and ‘slave system’ that will bring unforgettable humiliation
‘Seal Battle’, an extreme battle where each other’s equipment is at stake.

Ongoing conflict, PK, and the inherent fun of a hardcore MMORPG
‘Shame’ system that will become the starting point of conflict
Whoever wins the battle will take diamonds and equipment. ‘Loot’ system
A special revenge battle prepared for bloody revenge, the ‘Revenge’ system
Die or be killed. ‘PK Specialized Dungeon’

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‘Management’ system for constant hunting and growth
Hunting and growth that doesn’t stop even when the game ends
Store and sell acquired items, and automatically purchase items needed for hunting

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Non-consumption oriented BM policy
Games without packages
Lowest diamond price
Obtain ‘Shinsu’ in-game for free
Basic application of ceiling system

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A regular sequel that inherits the IDENTITY of the authentic mobile MMORPG
Equipment items can only be obtained through hunting.
Free economy through 1:1 transactions and exchanges
Updated policy to check inflation and prevent decline in customer asset value based on item extinction reinforcement system
Avoid excessive sales promotions and operate without violating customer trust.

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Available: Google Play – Korean / iOS – (TestFlight)

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