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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Vikings: Empire (by Old Thief Studio)

Vikings: Empire is a unique single-player RTS simulation game inspired by the depths of history. In this colossal game, players have the opportunity to manage a community of Vikings brought to life with realistic graphics.

Vikings: Empire

As players embark on a journey where they will test their strategic thinking abilities, they must keep Viking tribes alive and complete various tasks to construct an upgraded Mjolnir Statue. Filled with elements such as exciting daily quests, resource gathering, and battling enemy tribes, this game requires strategic decision-making to elevate your kingdom.

Vikings: Empire
Vikings: Empire

Vikings: Empire combines exceptional graphics and a fun gaming experience to offer mobile gamers a high-quality RTS simulation. Download now from the Google Play Store and savor the taste of victory with your Viking tribes!

Vikings: Empire
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