E.T.E Chronicle • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

E.T.E Chronicle • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

E.T.E Chronicle • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

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Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of エタクロニクル (by BILIBILI HK LIMITED.)

Land, sea, air, run through the 3D battlefield (field) that can only be experienced here!
A machine designed with attention to detail, hot blood rushes out!
To the sky, to the sea with the girls! A romance of the end that runs through stylishly and pretty!
Experience the powerful animation and the futuristic world in three dimensions to your heart’s content!

View of the world

In the near future, people fight for their own desires, and conflicts never end.
With the remains of extraterrestrial life in their possession, the Yggdrasil Corporation created a powerful, expandable tactical exoskeleton, the Gyaral, and a giant ring-shaped orbital base with superweapons above the equator, Tenkyu. ” was built.
A sky covered in steel as far as the eye can see, and a land filled with despair.
As a result of the many forces uniting and mankind challenging Yggdrasil, most of the earth was destroyed and desolate. After that, each power developed a new combat weapon “ETE” to replace “Galal” and formed the “Human Alliance”. From this point on, mankind plunged into a state of antagonism with Yggdrasil.
On the other hand, somewhere on the continent. A person tried to visit an independent armed organization under the direct control of the Human Alliance.
With your arrival, the fate of the world and the girls begins to change…”

Game Overview
to the sky! To the sea! “Fight together with the girls!”
Stand shoulder to shoulder with the girls who ride the humanoid combat weapon “E.T.E” born for battle, and fight with your own beliefs!
As an enforcer entrusted with the fate of the girls and the world, pierce the land, sea, and sky freely and face the world of the end!

E.T.E Chronicle

Land! Sea! Sky! Run through a dynamic battlefield full of presence!
An exciting battle experience on land, sea, and air on three dynamic battlefields! Hit and away by moving freely in a vast field. See with your own eyes the magnificent scenery that is expressed in real time! 

E.T.E Chronicle

3D model with attention to detail! Experience hardcore romance!
High quality modeling with attention to detail. You can see beautiful 3D models in battle as well as standing pictures. The hot blood rushes out with a powerful hitting feeling and vivid effect production!

E.T.E Chronicle

Combine various skills, seize victory with strategy and command!
A half real-time battle organized by 4 characters. Taking advantage of the characteristics of the aircraft and weapons, it is possible to change the strategy according to various situations. Operate the character in real time and overcome adversity with your shining hand!

E.T.E Chronicle

Delivering a fantastic SF world to you with high-quality graphics and gorgeous casting!
High-quality graphic representation built with Unity. In the end of the world full of fantasy, the characters start to move lively.
Please enjoy the charm of the unique characters played by gorgeous voice actors!

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Available: Google Play / App Store – JP

E.T.E Chronicle
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