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The description of Dungeon Shooting Zombie (by Fantasy Game Indie)

Dungeon Shooting Zombie – is a hardcore shooter game that will take you to an abandoned dungeon where you have to fight against dangerous monsters and bosses using a variety of weapons and skills.

Dungeon Shooting Zombie
Dungeon Shooting Zombie

Game Features
One of the main features of “Dungeon Shooting Zombie” is its addictive gameplay and the ability to play together with friends over the Internet. In the game, you can choose one of several heroes and go in search of adventure. Various monsters and bosses await you in the dungeon, each of which has its own unique abilities and weaknesses. To win, you need to upgrade the right weapon and use the skills of the hero in combat.

Dungeon Shooting Zombie
Dungeon Shooting Zombie

Weapons and SkillsIn
Dungeon Shooting Zombie – there are many different weapons and skills that you can use in combat. Some weapons deal more damage but have slower attack speed, while other weapons can attack faster but deal less damage. Each hero has their own skills that can be decisive in battle.

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