Dream of a New World • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Dream of a New World • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Dream of a New World • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

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Official Launch (SEA) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Dream of a New World (by PlayPark)

A new round of fantasy, a new start for dreams! The first ultra-high-quality mobile game created by Unreal Engine 4!
“Dream New World” innovates and upgrades the classic round gameplay, and strives to break through the tradition to present more fun. The overall picture is three-dimensional and vivid. It combines the world view of seven overhead ancient civilizations, innovative battle modes and strategies, and domineering dinosaurs and pets. Customized development , a new concept of realistic social interaction, creating your own small world, opening up a big world for endless exploration and other unique gameplay, to satisfy all your fantasies and create new infinite possibilities!

Game Features

Dinosaurs are pets and fly away

Thousands of pets, thousands of faces, cute, can fight and ride!
Whether it is the fierce and mighty Aether Tyrannosaurus Rex, the playful and cute Lulu and Pippi, you can choose from all kinds of pets! Customize the size, color, and cultivate DIY as you like! Land, sea and air pets and mounts, accompany you freely in the world!

Dream of a New World

Changing Weather, Surrounding View Combat

The battle situation is ever-changing, turning defeat into victory is not a dream!
The panoramic and realistic weather changing system takes the strategic dimension of the game to a higher level! The splendid 360-degree field of vision with zero dead ends will never miss every tense moment, bringing you an unprecedented refreshing combat experience!

Dream of a New World

Family Hot Spring Social Carnival

Hugs, back rubs, a heart-pounding moment!
You can sit on a small island with your friends, breed and grazing, grow vegetables and build a house. You can also go to a friend’s house to steal vegetables and interact, enjoying a comfortable and leisurely home time. Then you can enjoy a meteor shower in a hot spring under the starry sky with your friends, and satisfy all your wishes!

Dream of a New World

Civilization Adventure, Fantasy Roaming

Real day and night, 3D world travel freely!
The seven major civilizations form a magnificent scenery full of adventures and surprises. Here, you can enjoy the deep-sea Atlantic Empire, the hospitable Conch Bay Islands, the exotic El Dorado, and the Mahayan tribes who are accompanied by nature. Let you freely explore every corner of the world!

Dream of a New World

Extreme picture, stunning and beautiful

Cross-era engine technology, perfect presentation of the world!
Created with the next-generation UE4 engine, ultra-high-definition dynamic particle skill effects and detailed performance of real light and shadow create realistic game scenes and characters. Every detail is amazing and brings you a visual experience without a cold scene!

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Available: Google Play | App Store – PH, ID, MY, SG

Dream of a New World

Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK

Dream of a New World
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