DragonNest2:Evolution • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

DragonNest2:Evolution • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

DragonNest2:Evolution • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of DragonNest2:Evolution (by Level Infinite)

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is developed by Shengqu Game and brought to you by Level Infinite. The test time starts at 10 am on the 29th.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is an MMORPG game available on mobile
The world of Alteria is collapsing, and awaiting for Heroes to come back and protect this land. Originally from the brand of Dragon Nest, it provides brand new experience to gamers with,
More exciting dungeon stories
New memories of interacting with NPCs
Formation of unions, and you can fight against others, as well as dragon bosses
Brand new MMO experience on mobileBrand new developments from Dragon Nest the game, it is another creation to apply the story into mobile with more MMO focuses,
2D to 3D visual crafting to allow a more vivid gaming experience
Open world for gamers to explore Dragon Nest land
Easier communication through voice and text
Unions to connect likeminded gamers, and
Semi-automatic mode to help ease the operation for newbies
You can just chill, or you can fight to grow your characters
More open trading systems where you earn coins via many methods

The FINAL come-back of Dragon Nest
The name Dragon Nest means Emotions, Connections, and Experience. The new version stick to the original story by presenting more vivid NPC interactions and more realistic world crafts, includes castles, walls, lawns, mountains and MORE.


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