Dragon Royale • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Dragon Royale • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Dragon Royale • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dragon Royale (by Playizzon)

Dive into the magical realms of Powerful Dragons. In this Tower Defense game, build your ultimate deck of Dragons & fight against evil Zombies to defend your tower, level up your skills, & beat your opponent.

You will have various cute looking dragons to bring on to the battle arena. Upgrade these dragons by merging identical dragons & making them more powerful. Merge units & use your Mana wisely – Plan your deck wisely & defeat the zombies before they destroy your tower. Each character has its own unique ability. Learn the skills of every dragon as you unlock them on your quest to become the Best Dragon Legend.

Upgrade System :-

New Upgrade System – Collect & upgrade 30+ cards of dragons. Upgrade your best defense & favourite dragon army. Win battles & progress to new Realm to unlock powerful new Cards to your collection.

Have total control of your Dragon army. Upgrade your dragon army by merging two units of the same type & level to create a higher level Dragon. Breakthrough enemy Tower Defense, advance with upgraded dragons & bring down the enemy tower. Rise in arena with powerful Dragons & defeat other players to win exquisite rewards.

Dragon Royale

New Campaign mode :-

Players can unlock & explore chapters of different realms as they progress in the Campaign Mode. Each realm is unique where enemy bosses are equipped with different abilities.

Learn to deploy your dragon well, & level up units that you use the most. Understand abilities of each Dragon during Tower Defense gameplay & strategically plan your game. No deck is the weakest or strongest. Explore each combination & turn the gameplay in your favor. But always be careful, as the table can turn against you as well. Think smartly, use abilities based on situation of game & outwit the opponent by bringing down his tower.

Dragon Royale

New Alignment System :-

Each dragon belongs to a particular natural element – Fire, Water, Nature, Dark & Light. In this system, players have to carefully pick their choice of collection of deck. They need to understand which elements are stronger/weaker over the other elements & pick their combination accordingly.

Master the strategic Tower Defense game, Build a strong deck of Dragon armies, defend against horde of evil Zombies, & declare your glorious victory in this Tower Defense Game. Become the ultimate Champion of this Royale game of Tower War.

Be a part of these powerful dragons in this insanely addictive strategy game. Conquer the Dragon world, unlock more powerful dragon with unique abilities, devise a different strategy & rise forth victorious against horde of Zombies & their evil bosses.

Dragon Royale

Game features:

– Unique Dragons from a selection of 30+ strong & powerful dragons
– Strategic combat that challenges your skills in tower defense and speed!
– Fight against 30+ new & unique zombie bosses across many Realms
– Vibrant 2D art style, with custom animation and unique arenas.
– Collect cards to unlock, merge and evolve your units, allowing them to
become more powerful and fierce
– Shop offerings

Dragon Royale
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