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The description of Doomsday Divas (by Jiaze)

You are the last man alive on Earth. Do you have what it takes to face what is about to come?

A fatal virus decimated the world population and killed all the men except you. As the last man standing, you embarked on a journey to find other survivors.

In the apocalypse, you must give full play to your survival skills to craft diverse items and weapons to fight zombies, feed yourself, and explore areas where danger lurks.

Hunting, Farming and Storing Food

Gather whatever is useful, build your shelter, and keep upgrading it to make it strong enough to resist zombie flood.

Our Game Features:
Female characters of various personalities
Hundreds of weapons and items
An open world waiting for you to explore
Doomsday survival
Shelter building and upgrading

Doomsday Survival Guide:

Stock Up Resources

Gather as many items as you can every time you go out to explore. Baseball bat, nail, torch, battery, even plant seeds may all come in handy.

Make Weapons for Self-defense

Anything goes, when it comes to survival. Mace and zip gun are great weapons for fighting the dead. You must always be ready to fight.

Doomsday Divas

Upgrade Your Shelter

A makeshift shelter made of a few planks is certainly not safe enough. To survive and thrive in the last days, you must keep reinforcing and upgrading your shelter, set traps around it, build walls, and expand your storage space.

Doomsday Divas

Go Out to Explore

You have to come out of your shelter to explore for more supplies every once in a while. You may find food and items necessary to upgrade your shelter in abandoned buildings, factories, etc.

Your mission is to stay alive and find other female survivors to build a new world together.

Available: Google Play – US

Doomsday Divas

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