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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Divorce Saga (by JYSGaming)

Rise from the ruins of a marriage tainted by betrayal and violence.
Don’t be a dancing puppet in someone else’s show. Break free, whether the storm, and take your life back.
Your journey to living a glamorous life begins with a bold divorce.

A Story of Revenge
Crash your ex-husband’s stock market games, expose his scandals, and unravel his schemes one by one!

Divorce Saga

Build Your Business Empire
Acquire restaurants, casinos, newspapers, beauty salons… Forge your path to an empire of wealth!

Divorce Saga

Girl Power
Build your very own squad of girls who all bring their own talents to the table. They will accompany you through the most brilliant chapters of your life.

Divorce Saga

Glamorous Life
Luxury cars, mansions, estates… You’re the architect of your dream house!

Divorce Saga

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