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Official Launch – Global – Android + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Devil Slayer (by mobirix)

Spectacular action! Experience eye-catching battles.
– A next-level idle RPG with action
– Hack and slash combat against swarming enemies
– Grow your dazzling slayer day by day!

Devil Slayer

Endless growth! Experience unceasing growth just by being idle.
– Grow rapidly just with idle rewards!
– Experience the fun of the constantly growing Devil Slayer every day.
– Experience the magic of explosive growth just by receiving offline rewards.

Devil Slayer
Devil Slayer

Diverse content!
– Challenge the limits of your character and prove your strength!
– Increase your growth rate by enjoying a variety of unlockable content!
– Log in daily and get tons of rewards! Acquire the most powerful equipment in the universe!
– Conquer mighty giant bosses and earn attractive rewards!

Devil Slayer
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