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Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 다크삼국 (by Efun Company)

 Dark Three Kingdoms download benefits released
If you download it, you will receive 100% of the limited mount ‘Ear-blasting Red Toma’!
Don’t miss out on the various benefits!

Game Features
MMORPG Swallow the Darkness,
We invite you to the world of the Dark Three Kingdoms!

Country VS Nation mega PVP opening
7 days of bloody battle, transcend the country and become the owner of the server!


The history of war with my own hands
Three Kingdoms, face the greatest battle in history!


Legacy PVE that transcends limits
BOSS Raid, conquer the god of hell with mighty fighting power!


Dark fantasy unfolding on the battlefield of the Three Kingdoms
Be thrilled by the variety of classes and the ultimate hitting feeling!

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