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Official Launch – Beta + APK (Data will be saved)

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Conquer Aurora (by Evergreen Game)

CONQUER AURORA is a military-themed SLG game where a collection of hundreds of chariots from all over the world are collected. In this infinite scaling world, players can build homes, remodel chariots, capture cities and so on. As a commander, you need to flexibly dispatch the chariots according to the enemy and our situation, and give them the maximum configuration to create the most powerful fighting force!

Large Map, Strong Alliance
We creates a new map after the end of the world, players will play a commander, with excellent tactical command ability to capture a city, and other commanders together to form a legion, to create the strongest defense!

Conquer Aurora

Defensive Layout, Defending the Homeland
Players can quickly upgrade various buildings, produce resources, research technology in multiple dimensions to unlock more advanced city construction, as well as more homeworld features to play with, such as big event gameplay, ammo system and more. In addition, they can also train the army and build exclusive military bases.

Conquer Aurora

Varied Vehicles, Unrestricted Customization
Numerous classic vehicles, such as the British FV404, French R10 Dragon, American UK Roarer, and Soviet BM-60 tank, are at your command. Boost their strength through upgrades, modifications, star promotion, and bonds, and emerge as the ultimate king of land battles. If you desire to switch vehicles, you can reset whenever needed, retrieve all resources and revamp your armory. Feel at liberty to explore, create, and mold your most potent legion to perfection!

Conquer Aurora

The Alliance Legion of Honor
Solo combat may be able to achieve some tactical advantages, but group combat, can reach a decisive strategic goal. Join the alliance, establish a legion, allies of all kinds of chariot armor at your disposal, to help you rule the battlefield, the strong enemy will no longer be a problem for your great journey!

Seasonal Competition Strategy Expansion
Players of equal strength will be divided into the same season battlegrounds, and in a large map with a capacity of 320 players, commanders can expand their territories by remodeling personalized chariots, teaming up to attack, real diplomacy, and other war strategies.

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Available: Google Play – CA, DE, US

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