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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Coffee Tales (by Electronic Soul)

Design Your Coffee Shop
Start small, dream big! Build and customize a magical coffee shop. Customize decor, create enchanting landscapes, and turn your coffee shop into a canvas for imagination!

Diverse Characters Await
Meet pixies, beasts, demons, and more! Befriend them, unlock tasks, and dive into captivating stories of the dreamy town.

Coffee Tales

Manage & Prosper
Assign companions to roles, develop unique dishes, and watch your coffee shop thrive.

Coffee Tales

Exquisite Art Style
Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world. Our beautiful art designs ensures an enchanting gaming experience.

Explore the surroundings! Discover resource points, unlock new areas, and embark on exciting adventures.

Coffee Tales

Shared Memories
Connect with friends! Invite them to your coffee shop, interact with characters, and create your unique story together.

Ready to explore the wonders of Coffee Tales? Join us now and share warm, entertaining memories with the residents of our dreamy town. Your magical journey awaits!

Available: Google Play – US

Coffee Tales

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