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The description of Clash of Destiny (by BoomBit Games)

A new mobile RPG fantasy game has just dropped! Brought to you by the creators of Tiny Gladiators and Hunt Royale, Clash of Destiny seamlessly blends the best elements of various exciting genres to offer innovative and captivating gameplay that will keep you immersed for hours!


– Embark on a Rogue-like inspired campaign mode to sharpen your skills.
– Engage in 2v2 PvP battles to test your mettle against the best worldwide.
– Team up with friends for thrilling coop boss fights.
– Choose from 16 characters across two factions.
– Unlock cool loot and skills throughout your adventure.

In broad strokes, Clash of Destiny is a turn-based fighting game with RPG and roguelike elements, fused with extensive progression systems and a rich feature set.

Clash of Destiny

Embark on your adventure in the single-player campaign mode, overcoming increasingly challenging opponents on a randomly generated map. Can you reach the very end and conquer the final boss? Be prepared for surprises that alter your approach every time you play!

Clash of Destiny

Between battles, upgrade your character, acquire new skills, equip superior weapons, and devise fresh strategies for upcoming challenges. The more you play, the more characters you unlock for future playthroughs, ensuring the game remains fresh and exciting.

Clash of Destiny
Clash of Destiny

As you invest more time, new builds and strategies become available to you. Utilize them to dominate the campaign and prepare yourself for multiplayer modes, where only the best warriors will prevail!

Available: Google Play – US, PL

Clash of Destiny

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