Chibi Universe • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Chibi Universe • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Chibi Universe • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Chibi Universe (by INFIPLAY)

Chibi Universe is an idle RPG game. Players can build up a personalized team and level up with the unique AFK progression system that is both fun and rewarding.

Features of the game:

AFK system
Your heroes will fight automatically even when you are offline, so you can easily get a lot of equipment and experience!

Chibi Universe

Lovely Art Style
From the battlefield background to the dazzling skill effects, the game is presented in an adorable Japanese cartoon art style. Cute and lovely, get rid of anything unhappy!

Upgrade your heroes
Summon over a hundred heroes from five unique factions! Get experience and rewards even when you are not in the game!

Chibi Universe

Varied gameplay
AFK – mode, battle mode, adventure missions, collecting hero cards, mazes, towers, arenas, factions and all this in Chibi Universe!

Lots of strategies to choose from
Match hero strengths, skills, equipment, faction bonuses to surpass your opponents and become the greatest!

Chibi Universe

Relaxing Café
Tired? Come to the Café to check out what’s new! There are maids waiting for your orders, and young girl deskmates with prepared gifts for you! Get Diamonds, Summon Coupons, and even Wishing Tokens! Get 10x Summons easily without paying!

Official Facebook Fan Group:

Chibi Universe

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