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The description of CrashOut: Car Demolition Derby (by CrashTime)

Do you want to race on super tracks and arrange realistic car crashes? Welcome to CrashOut, a mix of race car games and car crashing games! Play and enjoy extreme car racing games of the demolition derby style in one of the best 3D car crash simulator.

Over 15 cars types for your most exciting race car games – from pickups and SUVs to luxury cars. Each car has a unique skin and tuning options for your car customizing games. The game features a large open world, racing with a car wreckfest, realistic car damage (including car burnout) and a detailed destructible environment.

Game modes

Quarry mode – car racing games with other players. Consists of more than 50 race tracks for custom car games. In this mode, you need to get to the finish within a certain time, arranging car accidents for your rivals.

Demolition derby mode –car crash battle. In this mode, you can play the hardest car crashing games. The main goal is to destroy your rivals’ cars or damage them as much as possible.

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Free mode – a game’s open world to explore. Here you can simply drive a car, race, and explore tracks, earning experience and in-game currency. To earn these, you need to do stunts, drifts, jumps, offroads, smash cars, and wreck destructible obstacles. Also, collect bonuses that are located all over the map. To get to them, you need to hone your driving skills.

Online mode. In this mode, you can arrange multiplayer battles in racing, free, or demolition derby modes.

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Super-realistic car demolition games!

In this car crash simulator, you can damage cars extremely realistically! The realistic engine outputs a detailed damage model. Depending on the damage force and point, a car gets dents, windows break, car body parts fall off, and if the chassis is damaged, you get poor handling and steering. The final result of the destruction of the car is a fire in the engine compartment.

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First-person racing

With the first-person racing, you will feel like a real racer and enjoy your racing and drifting games even more. In serious car accidents, the driver can be thrown from the windshield with ragdoll physics.

Download CrashOut, a racing and car crash simulator, right now! Tune your auto like in classic car customizing games! Play your best car racing games! And of course, smash cars and destructible obstacles to win the derby!

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