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The description of Bugs Evolution (by 37 Mobile Games)

Offline rewards and background battles
Easily obtain massive upgrade resources through idle gameplay, and even get rare insect races!
Automatic combat, effortlessly earn a large number of rewards.
Free up your hands, giving you more time to enjoy a real strategy game.

Highly free personalized hero development
Upgrading the insect race can obtain exclusive weapons and unlock additional skill effects.
Obtain rare miracle fruits through dungeon challenges to comprehensively enhance your strength.
Retreat heroes without loss, and return all resources used for hero development!

Bugs Evolution

Collect dozens of insect races from four forces
The four camps each have their own characteristics, and deploying them at the same time can unlock team bonuses.
Different insect races can all be used, there are no useless characters.
Continuously collect insect races with unique skills and lead them to be invincible on PVP and PVE battlefields!

Bugs Evolution

Rich and endless fun strategy battles
Hundreds of unique insect race skills, unleashing infinite possibilities on the battlefield.
Tens of thousands of insect race team combinations, easily dealing with different combat environments.
Fully automatic combat, freeing up your hands.

Bugs Evolution

Rich event rewards
Rich event content is constantly opened every week, and participating in events can obtain generous resource rewards.
Mini-game activities bring a more relaxed and enjoyable gaming experience.
There are also large-scale holiday events and special dungeons every month, constantly refreshing the gaming experience!

Available: Google Play – US

Bugs Evolution
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