Buff! Zombie Adventure RPG • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Buff! Zombie Adventure RPG • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Buff! Zombie Adventure RPG • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

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Official Launch + APK

Languages: English, Deutsch

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Buff! Zombie Adventure RPG (by Extraordinerdy)

They get together to raid their favorite MMORPG… and almost miss the zombie apocalypse in the real world.

The potions are in the stack, the mounts are saddled, the perfect armor is looted: the Cthuloot guild is ready for an epic quest! The final boss must finally fall!

For three days they raid in the fantasy world of the RPG “Styxwalker’s Odyssey”. But when they look out of the window for the first time after a weekend of gambling, nothing is the same anymore: Instead of the ghouls in the game, they are now dealing with real zombies in the real world. Cut off from friends and family, the toughest quest of your life begins.

Buff! Zombie Adventure RPG

In this chat game you slip into the roles of different members of the “Cthuloot” guild. Your decisions determine the course of the interactive story.

You build a base, loot equipment, weapons or kale and fight for survival in the apocalypse. When a gate to another dimension finally opens, this is the last chance to save humanity. Can you solve the mystery of the mysterious A.I. solve?

Buff! Zombie Adventure RPG

“Buff, please!” is an interactive fiction in the style of a messenger. Chat with the guild, accompany them through their adventures and advance the interactive story with your decisions.

If you like interactive and story games like The Parallax, Duskwood or The Sign, Buff, please! just right for you!

With over 10 episodes, this fantasy adventure will keep you entertained for months. Completely without annoying minigames and Pay2Win.

Do you like to think back to classic adventures like World of Warcraft and Diablo? Or did you used to play Pen & Papers like Dungeons and Dragons? Then “Buff, please!” is the ultimate flashback for you! It takes you back in time to LAN parties, endless campaigns, dangerous dungeons and nerve-wracking quests in Duskwood and other regions of WoW.

Buff! Zombie Adventure RPG

Play with…
… Shenduon (damage dealer)
“Seven in one fell swoop is my record! Call me a brave hero of the seven kingdoms, you noobs!”
…LordSlayALot (Rogue)
“Help! The elf is roleplaying again!”
…ObiLANKenoobi (Healer)
“I’m the Healer. Healing is what I do!
…Avangardia (tank) or CombatWombat (damage dealer).

“Buff, please!” is a series. New episodes of the interactive story, which is reminiscent of a mixture of Stranger Things and Squid Game, are released regularly.

Buff! Zombie Adventure RPG

You play completely for free or support the indie game voluntarily if you want. The project lives from the best community in the world. With “A Void Society” we have been inspiring a loyal fan base for many years. Now we’re expanding the story world in this standalone spin-off.

The non-linear story game not only has multiple endings, but many different paths that will lead you to your goal. The incredibly authentic dialogues feel like you’re chatting directly with your guild.

Buff! Zombie Adventure RPG

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