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The description of BTS Cooking On (by Com2uS)

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BTS Cooking On

Embark on a gourmet journey around the world with TinyTAN, characters by BTS!

Spread joy all over the world through the magic of food and fill the world in a vibrant purple happiness.
You, as the chef, are about to go on an enchanting journey where you will learn new skills while making friends all across the world.

New Collectible Global Cooking Game
Put an end to serving out simple dishes and enhancing your restaurants.
Here you can embark on a one-of-a-kind gourmet journey while earning adorable TinyTAN photocards for free simply by playing.

BTS Cooking On

Cooking On Exclusive TinyTAN Photocards
Decorate a profile book, your own diary, with unique photocards available in different themes and characteristics.
Equip the binder of each song and play to get photocards easily.

BTS Cooking On

TinyTAN Festival Makeover
Clear stages with your cooking skills and enjoy the TinyTAN on-stage madness
with the songs of BTS that range from [Butter], [DNA], [MIC Drop], and more.

BTS Cooking On

Many Cities to Visit, Easy Dishes to Cook
With the tap of a finger, you can finish scrumptious international dishes from tteokbokki, hamburgers to pizza and many more.
Fast delivery of sweets including ice cream, candy, and more is the key to success in missions.
Discovering TinyTAN elements in a variety of charming cities across the world is also another fun to take on.
Take pleasure in the ease and convenience of cooking.

BTS Cooking On

Endless Fun in One Game
The game is packed with lots of fun elements – from minigames like puzzles and lucky wheel to the World Chef Challenge for veteran chefs.
Join a club to team up with fellow TinyTAN fans and chef masters to enjoy the club content together.

BTS Cooking On

Everyone Can Become a Chef
Travel to different cities and meet diverse customers who hold unique personalities of their own.
Dive into the story of a new chef who will warm up your heart and experience different restaurants until every customer –
a couple out for a date, family picnicking, friends singing along to some music – gets a big smile on their face.



BTS Cooking On
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