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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Boomerang RPG (by Super Planet)

Hundreds of years ago… There was a place called Dude World.
Some demons started attacking out of nowhere, like they always do in these sorts of games…
Like a hero in the legends, a brilliant baby Dude was born in the Dude World.
The baby, as if it wanted to show everyone how capable it was,
firmly gripped, a boomerang flying straight towards him!

Boomerang RPG

The story of the Boomerang Dude (You) now unfolds!

Boomerang RPG
Boomerang RPG

– Aim for the demon and throw your boomerang!
– Train the great Dude! Collect and enhance boomerangs!
– Equip all sorts of magic effects on your boomerang!
– Work together with great Dudes to take down demons!

Boomerang RPG
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