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The description of Black beacon (by BiliBili)

Beacons refract alien worlds, spreading enlightenment at the beginning of civilization and bringing disaster at the convergence of civilization.

In order to ensure the stable existence of human civilization, the Secret Alliance was born successively. And tacit understanding of the beacon and vision and all related knowledge hidden behind the stage of history, into a silent guardian.

黑色信标 × Black Beacon

You, secretly recruited by the oldest secret alliance, the Wedge Society, have become their new curator. Take on the responsibility of leading the members to deal with the resurgent “things that should not exist in this world” and save the world from the brink of destruction.

黑色信标 × Black Beacon

On the journey, you will personally visit the abnormal space of time and dimension, listen to the heavy call from the alien world, and witness the advent of myths and legends.

No one knows what the beacon’s reactivation means, except you, Foreseeer.

黑色信标 × Black Beacon

“Those who have bathed in the sun’s radiance, but have chosen to come to the cave.
After a long wait, you have arrived at this place.”

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