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The description of Beyond the Room (by Dark Dome)

A building in the town has been abandoned for six years. No one wants to inhabit it due to its dark past. There are stories of rituals, witchcraft, and murders. Could they just be rumors?

Darien feels a lot of curiosity about entering and exploring the building, but he has been having nightmares every time he approaches. One night, he receives signals from the fifth floor. Lights flicker on and off, and mysterious silhouettes appear in the window. He senses that someone needs help and decides to go in to investigate. Is it a good idea to go in alone?

“Beyond the Room” is the eighth game in the Dark Dome escape game series. Embark on this mysterious interactive adventure full of puzzles and riddles as you try to investigate the world of spirits. Dark Dome games can be played in any order, allowing you to gradually unravel the mystery of Hidden Town with its interconnected stories in each chapter. This game has a brief connection to “Nowhere House” and opens a new storyline for the town.

Within this point-and-click horror game, you’ll find:
A multitude of intricate puzzles and challenging puzzles distributed on the different floors of the abandoned building as you try to rescue the trapped girl and reveal the end of the plot.
You’ll be captivated and very impressed by the suspenseful story and emotional moments with new characters that will bring more adventures to the enigmatic town.
An amazing selection of music accompanied by beautiful art that will fully immerse you in this interactive adventure.

Beyond the Room

An extra challenge: Find the 10 hidden shadows in each of the corners and unexpected places. Some will present a great challenge, so develop your mental skills to the fullest to find them all.

Beyond the Room

Premium Version:
By purchasing the Premium Version of this escape game, you’ll have access to an additional scene with an enigmatic parallel story that will unravel more mysteries to solve in Hidden Town. In this story, we offer you more puzzles and challenges to test your wits. Additionally, with this purchase, all ads in this point-and-click game will be removed, and you’ll have direct and unlimited access to hints.

Beyond the Room

How to play this suspenseful escape game:
Simply tap objects on the screen to interact with them. Find useful hidden objects. Some objects can be combined to create a new one. Pay close attention to the eerie environment to discover which object may be useful in your quest to advance the story.

Beyond the Room

Challenge your intellect and solve challenging puzzles along the way. Download the escape game “Beyond the Room” and get ready to immerse yourself in the suspense of this mysterious interactive horror adventure and experience some scares. Demonstrate your skills by reaching the end of the story and uncovering the truth before becoming another victim of this haunted building.

Beyond the Room
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