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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Grand Strike: Battle Royale (by NDK Games)

“Grand Strike: Battle Royale” is a multiplayer online shooter where each fight becomes a test of your tactical and shooting skills. Discover a variety of game modes, customizable characters, and a wide selection of weapons in this thrilling game.

The gameplay is consistently dynamic and intense. As the battle heats up, you must make quick decisions, work as a team, and use the environment to your advantage to claim victory.

The game offers several modes: from classic “Team Match” to “Royal Battle”. Squad modes with friends or random allies are also available.

Grand Strike: Battle Royale

Create a unique hero with extensive customization options for appearance—from eye and hair color to jackets and trousers. How you look on the battlefield is entirely up to you.

Grand Strike: Battle Royale

The game’s arsenal includes over 50 types of weapons, from simple pistols to sniper rifles. Each type of weapon has several modifications to enhance its characteristics.

Grand Strike: Battle Royale

The game offers a variety of maps of different sizes and configurations. From tight city streets to vast open spaces—each map requires its own strategy and approach.

Battle players from around the world in multiplayer fights. Compete in ladder rankings and prove you’re the best!

Play with friends regardless of the platform, thanks to full cross-platform support between computers, consoles, and mobile devices.

Grand Strike: Battle Royale

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