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The description of Battle of Polestar (by WindFun3000)

Old empire has fallen, and new crises arise. In the shadows of the stars, ambitious men are stirring! I will turn the stars in the sky into the source of my power, and clear away the darkness that shrouds the starry sky!

Planetary crisis could happen at any moment. Flesh and blood are weak, machinery is rising. I’m here to save the universe from Stardust Cataclysm! I want my light to shine everywhere in this vast universe!

Game Features

[Magnificent Galaxy] Open World, Free Exploration

It took 3 years to create the great world of interstellar adventure! Endless expansive universes to explore!

3D free perspective, see the magnificent scenery of the universe:

Within the Milky Way is full of life. On the alien star there are deep sea sceneries. The center of the Galaxy is extremely prosperous… This blooming and chaotic world will make your eyes dazzled!

Battle of Polestar

[Cosmic Hegemony] Modification and reborn, make me fly!

Unique four major career systems, 16 major transfer branches, free transfer, change when you want!
Solar Flare saves the world, Lunar Eclipse messes the world up. How many times of domination in one though? After all, my life is up to myself!

Battle of Polestar

[Starry Fate] Though millions of people socialize, I’m only satisfied with one

Gather all kinds of interstellar comrades, team up to explore the ruins and break into various alien planets, achieve the starry sky overlord, and light up the light of Envoys!
Go to Neptune’s pool party, hunt beasts at the edge of the universe, and fight for the Genesis Artifacts at the core of the starfield with your friends and loved ones. You can find anything fun with your buddies!

Battle of Polestar

[Greatest Weaponry]All the stars in the sky become the weapons in my hands

Refining and forging Genesis Artifacts, to create a wonderful weapon, help me cross-service struggle, and be king of the stars!
Envoys also need finance! Free trade in cross-server market. If I cannot become a starry legend, then I will become a millionare!

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