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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Top God: Battle Kings (by ARK GAME LIMITED)

Fantasy world is waiting for you to explore
In the world of Top God: Battle Kings, you will act as the little prince, and start a journey to fight for the throne with other players. Come and choose your favorite character and create your own fantasy world!

Leave idle for unlimited growth
The little prince has grown up and learned to fight monsters by himself! In the automatic on-hook battle, the little prince can continuously obtain resources to strengthen himself!

Top God: Battle Kings

Easy to develop and defeat the enemy
Handsome characters, cool skills, loyal pets, and legendary collections are all easily available! Clear all the obstacles ahead!

Diverse gameplay and rich benefits
Lord’s Charge, Gold Coin Mine, Goblin Village, Magic Lamp Trial, Mine, there are surprises and rewards waiting for you to explore every day!

Available: Google Play – US

Top God: Battle Kings

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