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Pre-registration – Beta Test 2

💡 Platform – Android | Nintendo Switch | Steam

The description of BATTLE CRUSH (by NCSOFT)

📜 Developer Note:

  • 2nd Beta Test Registration Period
  • February 21st 2024 – March 28th 2024 (Before the Test Period)
  • The BATTLE CRUSH 2nd Beta Test is available in the 97 countries.
  • Registration –

A 30-Player Battle On A Crumbling Field!
30 players compete against each other to be the last one standing!
You only have 8 minutes tops! Join the fray that takes place on a crumbling field and quench your thirst for action!


Skills That Highlight The Action Experience
No more boring action skills!
Use various skills that deal satisfying blows to your enemies to conquer the battlefield!
Deal damage using Light Attacks that consist of quick moves and combos.
Knock back enemies with big blows using Heavy Attacks.
Stay invincible while charging up your Ultimate.
Quickly dodge incoming moves and ambush enemies with Dodge Attacks.
Push or throw enemies out of the ring!
Hone your skills and become even stronger!


Treasure Chests And Items To Turn The Tables
Become stronger with treasure chests that appear on the field!
The stronger you become, the longer you’ll survive!
Don’t miss these consumable items that could teleport you to enemies far away or bring you luck!


Calixers – Characters With Unique Action Skills
Haul spheres of water at your enemies as Poseidon
or become Medusa and turn your enemies into stone!
Each Calixer has their own story and unique action skills.
Choose your favorite Calixer and become the hero of this story!


Game Modes To Suit Your Style
Battle Royale (Solo/Team):
A Battle Royale that features up to 30 players.
Only the last player or team that remains on the battlefield wins.
The arena collapses as time goes by. Get to safe ground!


Brawl (Solo/Team):
Choose 3 Calixers to take to battle.
Keep fighting until you are the final survivor!
Aim for opponents who are already locked in battle in this enclosed arena of chaos!


An intense 1 vs 1 game mode where the first to take 3 games out of 5 is the victor.
See which Calixers your opponent chose before beginning the game.
Prepare for battle!

BATTLE CRUSH requires the following permissions for optimal gameplay.
You can use the game even if you do not agree to the optional rights, and you can reset or revoke access permission after agreeing to the access rights.

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