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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Gun Run: Auto Shooting Sniper (by ZITGA)

Gun Run is a 2D auto-shooter worth trying. The game has simple but addictive gameplay, unique pixel art, and lively sound.

Gun Run is a retro-style 2D auto-shooter with unique cartoon art. In the game, you play as a muscular man, destroying all enemies on the screen. You can use various weapons, from pistols, and shotguns to machine guns, to take down enemies.

Gun Run: Auto Shooting Sniper
Gun Run: Auto Shooting Sniper

The gameplay of Gun Run is simple. You just need to control the character’s movement with the arrow keys and shoot enemies by tapping the screen. However, the game still has a certain level of difficulty, as enemies will become stronger over time as you progress.

Gun Run: Auto Shooting Sniper

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