Armored Front • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Armored Front • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Armored Front • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of 기갑전선 (by 주식회사 고수게임즈)

A fantasy combination of a beautiful girl and Mecha! Artillery shooting RPG “Armored Front”
Commander! Make a reservation right now and prepare for battle!!

Background Story
Three million years ago, planet HR-3145 had a shift in its magnetic field due to changes in sunspots, causing a magnetic field storm to swept the entire star.
The ecology of the earth’s surface has been seriously destroyed, and the survivors develop special abilities to survive.

Inside the cold laboratory where silence flows. A faint light from the instrument panel shines on the glass of the incubator, and you slowly regain consciousness.
…You don’t know what clone you are, can you save this world that has been destroyed?

Game introduction

Compete with strategy and control!

Attack the enemy’s weaknesses and win by using the tank’s compatibility and the pilot’s skills in various special terrains!

Find the perfect launch angle and feel the pleasure of destroying enemy tanks!

Leave the battlefield to the AI ​​system when you are tired! “Activate the automatic battle system! Battle begins!”


Organize an elite squad!

Develop various types of tanks and collect parts materials to upgrade!

Recruit and nurture specialists by field and beautiful girl pilots!

Build your own lineup and win the battlefield!


Win numerous battlefields!

Accumulate victories in Ranked Battlegrounds, Battle Royales, and Ladder Battles and receive attractive rewards!

Participate in battlefields and events in various modes that you can challenge every day!

Collaborate with guild members to challenge the boss and enjoy great benefits!


Participate in real-time matching battles!

Custom strategy using terrain features! Win real-time battles with tactics to destroy your opponents!

Attack your opponent by using everything from stats and combinations, sophisticated controls, and using items in the right place!

Challenge the Hall of Fame for each event and experience a special experience!

Available: Google Play – KR

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