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Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of アルゴナビス-キミが見たステージへ- (by Ambition co., ltd.)

Grab hold of what lies ahead of your destiny――
Argonavis new band training game

As a new assistant producer,
Let’s lead the unique band members who are active in the professional world to the top!

Characteristics of Kimiste
Depicting the “after” of the Live Royale Festival,
Includes a newly written story!

An easy training game that even those who are new to Argonavis can enjoy!

New band ST//RAYRIDE is here!

Original songs are appearing one after another!

Beautiful card illustrations of unique characters!


Game system
1. Choose unique members and produce freely!
2. Increase your status by practicing and increase the success rate of your live performance!
3. Make your live a success and increase your fan base!
4. Achieve your goals and succeed in producing!
5. Depending on the result of producing, the main story produced will change!
6. Organize the produced members and win at the festival!


A gateway to success for amateur bands.
I will be participating in Live Royale Festival (commonly known as LR Festival).
Argonavis, GYROAXIA, Fantome Iris, Fujin RIZING! ,εpsilonΦ.
They left their hometown and fought to make their debut and take on the world challenge.
The festival is suddenly canceled by the management.


However, these five bands decided to continue their music and continued their activities steadily.
Each will make their major debut with three labels.

On the other hand, although they once won the LR Festival and made a spectacular debut, they disbanded just before they could advance to the world.
ST//RAYRIDE was newly formed with the remaining members.
He was once again aiming for the top in the music world.


“Why do we want to continue delivering music?”
Continue to pursue your dreams in the professional world
What fate will they overcome?

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Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan

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