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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Arctic Wild (by Droupnir Entertainment Limited.)

Every inch of this frozen world is blanketed by ice and snow, with chilling winds and howling blizzards heralding the end of human civilization. As global temperatures plummet and humanity teeters on the brink, a zombie virus outbreak sweeps the world, claiming countless lives. Cities lie frozen, with survivors left scattered and homeless.

Only a brave leader can guide survivors through the blizzards and undead hordes, rebuild a home, and secure a future for humanity. As that leader in your game, you will face the dual threats of ice and zombies, implement survival strategies, solve puzzles, rebuild your home, and safeguard the lives of survivors.


Ice World:
A home underneath snow and ice, where only the bravest can hope to survive. Explore this forsaken world, unveil its mysteries, and discover the hidden secrets beneath its icy surface.

Zombie Onslaught:
The howls of the undead pierce through the chilly night air. The freezing cold can’t halt the spread of the zombie virus, and once-human creatures lie in wait for their prey. Survival against these monsters requires everyone to fight for their lives. Annihilate the zombies, safeguard the survivors, endure the penetrating frost!

Arctic Wild

Match-3 Showdown:
Take advantage of match-3 and streak gameplay to turn back the frost-bitten horde. Unleash special abilities, dissolve icy obstacles, repel zombies, cherish life and restore your sanctuary. Every match-3 combat is a deadly showdown; a unique challenge in a frozen wasteland!

Arctic Wild

Homestead Management:
Combine strategy and simulation gameplay for a unique gaming experience. Survival in the harsh conditions of the Arctic will require resourceful and strategic thinking. Each decision is critical to the eventual survival of mankind.

Available: Google Play – ID

Arctic Wild

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