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Arc The Lad is a game that was first released on the PlayStation back in 1995. The game developed by G-Craft and Sony, had released a couple of games of the series with its last one on the PlayStation 2, Arc The Lad: End of Darkness, in 2004. For more than 10 years, the game was finally revived by Sony which will be developed by its subsidiary company, ForwardWorks, that was announced along with the revival of Wild Arms for the mobile as well back in December 2016. However, Arc The Lad mobile will be developed by AltPlus while Wild Arms will be developed by ForwardWorks and has yet to announce its official release date and has yet to announce its official release date which was set to release this year.

With the latest announcement by AltPlus Inc. themselves on their official page and Twitter, the game will be released for both the iOS and Android devices on the 30th of July, 2018. An official website was also erected along with the release date and a piece of artwork of the coming game.

Arc The Lad is an RPG that would bring back memories from the old PlayStation console. The gameplay should probably be pretty much the same as a JRPG with optimization for mobile. The graphics as we caught glimpses of the game, are just what you’d expect a traditional JRPG would look like withpixelated art. It should also feature animated cut scenes as well since it’s not unusual to have nowadays and it would make it a cool port just like the console version. However, the game will most probably be released for Japan first before it is released globally with at least an English language support. Hope we’re wrong on this…

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