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Official Launch(TW) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

Languages: English

The description of Anipang Matchlike (Puzzle RPG) (by Wemade Play Co.,Ltd.)

The originally peaceful Jigsaw Kingdom suddenly suffered a strong impact!
A giant slime falls from the sky and splits into tens of thousands of smaller slimes…
Angry warrior Ani chases these slimes and begins a journey of revenge!

An unprecedented Rogue-like match-3 game with a unique sense of attack!
Get random skills and beat levels in a world that combines RPG and match-3 puzzles!
Experience various factors in the game and use your colorful skills to defeat the BOSS!
Experience the excitement of RPG in jigsaw puzzle game!
Show your strategy here, win and grow!

Anipang Matchlike (Puzzle RPG)

Defeat the slimes! A vibrant match-3 game.
Face slime battles in this hit match-3 puzzle game!
Attack the slimes with puzzle pieces! Bang bang!
Grow your hero! Become stronger through games!
The combination of puzzles and strategy creates a thrill unlike anything you’ve ever experienced while defeating slimes.

Anipang Matchlike (Puzzle RPG)

Enjoy the thrilling puzzle game! A special block that moves back and forth.
Move the special block to get it to the desired location for combos!
Launch a powerful blow to the BOSS! Defeat the BOSS!
Use the super power of special blocks to destroy slimes!
Easily level up by strategically utilizing special blocks.

Anipang Matchlike (Puzzle RPG)

Very unique levels and fun gameplay
Choose different skills within each successive level.
Depending on the weapons equipped, you can experience different fun of match-3 games.
Enjoy the thrill of the game by choosing different skills!
Find your own skill set and experience challenging levels while fighting the BOSS!

Grow your heroes to increase their power and add more excitement!
Upgrade more and more powerfully by accumulating experience!
Experience using the heroes’ various abilities and enjoy a variety of gameplay!
Explore dungeons and defeat terrifying bosses to get rich currencies and crystals!
Enjoy double the fun with the combination of match-3 games and RPG! Enjoy the fun of hero growth through RPG elements.
A sustainable growing match-3 puzzle game! Experience the dual fun of growth, strategy, and match-3 games!

Enjoy unlimited growth and thrilling puzzles through the perfect combination of match-3 games and RPG.
Start your adventure now with “Anipang Matchlike”!

Available: Google Play – TW

Anipang Matchlike (Puzzle RPG)
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