Alchemist • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Alchemist • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Alchemist • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

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💡 Platform Android | iOS

The description of God’s Legacy: Alchemist (by Studio Dois Private Limited)

A dedicated super-casual idle RPG for diligent you! You are going to enjoy a marvelous journey in the world of sword and magic with hundreds of heroes coming from six powerful factions.

1. Summon Epic Heroes
Hundreds of heroes from six disparate factions, and twelve different families are waiting for you to summon! What are you waiting for? Compose a powerful team of heroes who belong to six distinct positions: Sacrificer, Mage, Guardian, Assassin, Fighter, and Marksmen! Are you going to be the next GLA champion?

God's Legacy: Alchemist

2. Multi-Game Modes
Say goodbye to monotoned turned-based RPG! There are a huge variety of modes to keep you challenged in GLA! You will fight against all kinds of Bosses from PvEs to claim daily rewards; addictive PvP battles to claim ranking awards; brand-new Tower of Babel mode to claim extra bonuses!

3. 3D Combats on the go
3D cartoon heroes and exquisite battle scenes will serve you with an ultimate battle experience. All the coolest skill effects are waiting for you to experiment!

God's Legacy: Alchemist

4. Light and fun casual turned-based
If you are in the middle of something and want a light game experience, GLA is the best choice! It has a special FULL-AUTO mode that will let you gain resources even when you’re away for something! Playing anywhere at any time!

5. Thrilling Combo Effects
Every hero has a distinct alchemy attribute! The six alchemy elements are earth, water, fire, wind, light, and dark and each of them has faction advantages! You will witness the thrilling combo effects of different skills and faction advantages whenever you match well!

God's Legacy: Alchemist

6. Explore the Magic Land
The continents of Agrippa are divided into five blocks and hundreds of cities! There are Wasteland, Jungle, Sand Desert, Marsh, Sea, and Volcano waiting for you to explore! Enjoy your marvelous adventures in the wonderful alchemy magic land!

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God's Legacy: Alchemist
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