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The description of AFK TRIBE (by TianMaGames)

The AFK TRIBE is a casual place-based card raising game set in the primitive period, building a wonderful primitive adventure world with beautifully nostalgic game painting style, leading players back to the tribe. A whole new chapter, primitive era pets and hero partners with your companion to break into the primitive tribe oh!


Game features:
“Primitive Age, Tribal Adventure”
Diversified maps, wild pet catching, transmutation and advancement, awakening the memories of the primitive era;
Hero formation, pet recruitment, a large number of dungeons, unlocking a variety of new and different ways to play!


“Crazy Card Drawing, High Explosive Summoning”
The opening of the service carnival, log in to send benefits.
Draw cards to summon miracles and get cute pets and sacred beasts easily!


“Rich Gameplay, Infinite Exploration”
A collision of rich gameplay and brand new settings, with an original and unique story line.
Fight against the evil demon king and experience the hero’s journey!


“Diversified Development, Easy Hanging”
Hero cultivation, pet advancement, equipment enhancement, diversified cultivation full of sense of achievement!
Fast combat, hang-up, level sharing, easy to level up as you play.

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