A Fantasy Battle for Reunification • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

A Fantasy Battle for Reunification • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

A Fantasy Battle for Reunification • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

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Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 소녀전쟁: 환상의 천하통일전 (by tlcGames)

Another space-time, a space completely different from the world we live in…

“All Gods”
The gods who created this world were called “Manshin”. The war of the gods started to control the gods who live at the edge of time and space.
The war quickly turned the earth into a sea of ​​fire. And the surviving gods created a “god of gods”…
Here, the gods summoned powerful spirits here for their ideology. They are under the control of the gods like “Baduk eggs,” and they start an endless battle by ravaging mankind. The god who summoned the humans who survived here becomes the “King of All Gods”. This is the beginning of “The Flag of God”.

They hid in the human world for their own greed and tried to encroach on people with jealousy and greed.
Those who suffer… To end all of this, you and the girl warriors will meet.
A girl who’s nice, but something is lacking…
An innocent little girl with a lot of food…
Mysterious Girl Knight Commander…
A white-haired girl full of mistakes…
A shaman with a warm embrace…
And the god who summoned you… But because of the vicious bullying of all gods, people started calling it “Reaper”.

You are the one who can save this continent… the last hope!
Rescue the girls trapped in the “God’s Checkerboard” together with Amaterasu, who will stop the evil pranks of the “Reapers”!

Start life of a “different world” castle lord with irreplaceable beautiful girls-

Extremely immersive with a vast story
The beginning of a massive story with over 1 million characters!
The best feeling of immersion with the passionate performances of Korean voice actors!
Girls with bouncy personalities appear!
The pleasure of seeing the hidden aspects of the girls!

소녀전쟁: 환상의 천하통일전

Unique and easy combat system
Combination of the strongest girl warlords!
Neglect that progresses even if left alone!
A sense of accomplishment to clear various BOSS!
The satisfaction of acquiring exclusive items only for armed girls!

Skill video of gorgeous girls who risked their lives
An exhilarating skill like watching an anime!
The hidden side of the girls you can touch and see!
To the healing BGM!

소녀전쟁: 환상의 천하통일전

“Color” different girls look through “ho” sensitivity
A cold girl who changes just by drinking alcohol!
A wild girl caught in a trap she dug!
A girl in a cute maid outfit!
Increase your liking with your favorite food and open the girl’s secret cut!

Fun mini-games to play alone
Dungeon Exploration, Gowon Sin Station, Bandit Extermination Battle!
Find and challenge the honey combinations of the girl officers!

소녀전쟁: 환상의 천하통일전

Double the fun together
Alliance war, battle of the world, dragon woman subjugation, national duel!
Various PVP contents to enjoy with other lords!
Build the strongest team!

Perfect performances by voice actors
The lineup of super-luxurious Korean voice actors that will satisfy your ears!
Check out the voice actors who performed well in the game!

Official website

Available: Google Play / App Store – KR

소녀전쟁: 환상의 천하통일전
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