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The description of 3 Kingdoms – Dynasty Archers (by Imba)

Prepare to dominate the battlefield, Archers!
Dynasty Archers is a journey through the historical battles of the Three Kingdoms era, where you will overcome challenges and perils with an extraordinary set of skills and weapons. Starting as a newcomer, you will be trained to master skills and become an unparalleled military commander.
You will face a massive and diverse army, including infantry, archers, mercenaries, and generals with various special skills. Overcome them with your tactics and personal skills.

Explore the rich history and renowned landmarks, engage in epic battles to claim rare artifacts and powerful equipment. Enjoy battles with countless combinations of unique abilities at your fingertips, ensuring survival and victory over adversities.
Download Dynasty Archers now, and start your journey!

3 Kingdoms - Dynasty Archers

The world is sinking into war, and the people are increasingly suffering. You are a skilled general, with enough prowess to bring peace back to the world.
Now, you decide to showcase your talents and whether you can overcome all the hardships on your journey or succumb to permanent failure. The decision is in your hands.
Fight through each stage, destroy enemies, collect experience points to level up and learn new skills. Ready to face brand new monsters with different strategies and attack patterns.

3 Kingdoms - Dynasty Archers

The monsters become stronger, faster and more powerful, so are you. Join the battle, collect weapons, armors, amulets and more gears. Equip yourself with the best items, upgrade to make them even stronger.
Master the art of moving, dodging, and attacking. Grab your weapon and destroy everything that dares to stay on your way. Battle has never been so fun.

3 Kingdoms - Dynasty Archers

You are not alone on this deadly journey. There’re more heroes with various fighting styles and skills are ready to join your forces. Recruit them, discover new abilities, and save the world together.

3 Kingdoms - Dynasty Archers
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