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The description of Mini Soul Land: 1777 Draws (by 37 Mobile Games)

According to rumors, there are lots of vendors in Shrek Academy Square, and among them there are suspected to be the Shrek Seven Devils!
Tang San is forging, Xiao Wu is pulling radishes, and Oscar is selling grilled sausages??
If you want to experience a different world of Soul Land, come and join them!
It only takes 30 minutes a day to become a Honored Douluo so easily!

Genuine and Authentic Soul Land Experience
Officially authorized by Soul Land! Each hammer strike grants a million-year Spirit Ring! There are also various gameplay systems, freely combining Spiritmancer, Spirit Beasts, and Animus. Adjust your tactics according to different battle situations, adapt on the fly or stage a comeback, then reach the pinnacle of Soul Land!

Mini Soul Land: 1777 Draws

Starting as a rookie Spiritmancers, Cultivate to Become a God
Embark on your journey as a rookie Spiritmancer, facing the roaring Spirit Beasts in the Stardust Forest. Strategically combine and unleash Spirit Skills, hunt and absorb Spirit Bones from Spirit Beasts! Form powerful Sects, travel the world with thousands of Spiritmancers, engage in Soul Fighting, and step onto your very own path in Soul Land!

Mini Soul Land: 1777 Draws

Soul Land Equipment Depends on the Hammer
At the Soul Land Forge, you’re welcome if you have a hammer! Spirit Rings and equipment are obtained with every strike. The more you strike, the better the equipment’s effectiveness. Come and achieve the legendary blacksmith in Soul Land!

Mini Soul Land: 1777 Draws

Ten Minutes of AFK, Continuous Leveling
Ultra-simplified daily routines, multi-line cultivation systems, create a unique and relaxed way of practice, helping you advance rapidly and become a Soul Land champion!

Available: Google Play / App Store – SG, MY

Mini Soul Land: 1777 Draws

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