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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 100T Earth Defender H (by CyberX Games)

The fierce battle between the Earth Defender Corps and the suddenly appeared unknown life form – Popipu, continues into space. Finally, the battle seems to be over…
As the Earth Defender Corps prepared to return to their home planet, they realized they had made the biggest mistake…

As the last hope of mankind, we will not give up, we must fight.
The power of one person is indeed weak, but when 100 million or 1 trillion people gather together, the situation is different!

For the sake of mankind and this planet, let us gather for the third time! Get up! Earth Defenders Corps

100T Earth Defender H

Game features:
Send your soldiers to the front lines to fight!
It takes trillions of soldiers to defeat powerful monsters!

Defeat monsters and regain lost ground.
Use new positions as bases for your soldiers and use gadgets to enhance your troops and make them stronger!

100T Earth Defender H

Mother Base is equipped with secret anti-monster weapons.
Use automatic missiles, superheroes, and various other aids to attack monsters and win the war!

As the commander of your soldiers, you take control of the battle! Every battle is up to you.
You decide to strike the final blow!

100T Earth Defender H

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